The Important Aspects before Adopting a Dog

Adopting a DogWhat made you interested in adopting a dog? Keep the house? Make it a moment too late friend at home and a friend streets? Present it to children? Has a high love of animals, especially dogs? Regardless of the reason, you must be ready to accept changes in lifestyle and finances. You have to spend a lot of time to bathe, feed and drink, to train in order to pee/poop in the right place, not bark/bite people at random, and according to if given the command, and take her out so as not to stress merely confined in the stable.

Ready spending swelled having to vaccinate periodically in order to be immune to the disease and do not transmit the disease, medication/treatment to a veterinarian if the dog is sick, replacing the cage along with changes in body form, buy good quality food in order to progress significantly, or providing education in dog school in order to become a dog obedient and had good behavior. Are you ready? If it was already very ready, then understand some important aspects before adopting a dog.


Dog character should be considered and adapted to the lifestyle or goals you maintain it before adopting it. The dog was there who like to walk far or sport. If you are among those who have always a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, a few dogs could be an option following: Border Collie, Dalmatian, or English setter. What if want to make it as a companion to a child? Choose a cute dog, friendly, and welcoming as well as Labrador Retriever, Pomeranian, Samoyed, Chihuahua, or Shiba-Inu. Including those who sibu and met many people, Bichon Frises, English and Irish Setter, or Beagle. Tibetan Mastiff, Doberman Pinscher, or Cane Corso breed of dog to guard the house because of an aggressive character.


It is strongly recommended to adopt a dog that still puppies. Why? Young dog generally easily directed and trained to be obedient and have good manners. In this case, the dog of at least 2 to 3 months old (already vaccination 3 times) because generally weaned parent. So, you can provide nutritional substitutes such as milk does not contain lactose or prepare meals puppies from cow/goat, water, egg yolk, etc. What if adopt the puppies under the age of 1.5 months? Let’s not because in this age of puppies still need the nutrition of the mother. If imposed, the immune system of puppies would be disrupted.

History of disease

Do not hesitate to ask the history of the disease in dogs that will be adopted! Do not until after adopting a dog merely regret that hurt! On this, you would have to back and forth and exit costs for the veterinarian to check, treat, or caring for a dog. In addition, it is possible the virus will be transmitted to your illness or children of touch, feathers, or droppings. Although offered at relatively low prices, do not take risks for higher spending and serious disease. Leptospirosis (typhus), rabies (acute level of infection in the nervous system), hepatitis (liver inflammation), canine distemper (a disease that attacks the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory), impetigo (blisters and pus), etc. into some dog diseases.

A place bred dog

It is important to consider before adopting a dog bred dogs. Therefore, where the dog was raised greatly influence the behavior of the dog itself. Dogs were bred by professional trainers not only willing, but also has a good behavior because it was given the right training. Dogs who grew up in an environment full of family also tend to be more welcoming and friendly. Therefore, think again if you want to adopt a dog from the street or a bad neighborhood. Likely the dog would trigger the problem of deviant behavior. Unless it is a stray dog is still very small, left the mother, can be adopted because it is more easily directed.

Do These When Cat Gets Sick

sick catThere are many cat owners who don’t know what to do when cat gets sick. The worst part is some cat owners decide to ignore their pet and hope that the cat will get its health back soon. This is a big mistake because when getting sick, cat needs help. If this animal is ignored, of course, it is going to die sooner or later. Are you a cat owner? If you answer yes, what do you do if your own pet gets sick? Do you let it face bad condition alone? If you do, you are not a good cat owner. You are an animal torturer. If you don’t want to be an animal torturer, you should take care of your cat. How? Do the following tips:

Give cat milk

The first to do is giving cat milk. Buy milk for cat at supermarket, department store, or animal shop soon. Make sure that you buy high quality cat milk so your cat gets its health back soon. Cat milk functions to make cat have appetite so its body is not weak anymore. In contrast, if it wants to eat and then throw up, this means that there is something wrong with its food. Check date expired and food content in detail because who knows that cat does not like food content.

Cover cage with thick towel

If your cat’s body is cold, you have to cover its cage with thick towel to warm its body. Make sure that put the towel tidily so all body parts of your cat are covered optimally. What if its body is hot? Of course, covering cage with thick towel is a mistake because its body will be hotter. Thus, what should you do? You should put your pet in cold room and let it sleep on tile flooring. This is important to do because tile flooring can be a mediator to decrease hot temperature. Keep in mind to make it comfortable by massaging its body smoothly.

sick cat1


Put cage near lamp

Some cat owners decide to put cage in any places when cat gets sick. This happens because they don’t know that the cat needs light to make its body warm. For this, putting cage near lamp (minimal 15 watt) is a must to keep body’s temperature of cat. Remember to arrange distance cage and lamp as well as possible so cat feels comfortable.

If you already do the tips above but your cat’s condition is still not good yet, you are highly recommended to bring your pet to veterinarian as soon as possible. Make sure that you choose professional and experienced veterinarian so cat gets best treatments. Besides, you should ask about problem causes so you know what to do if your cat deals with the problem anymore. Also ask for cat food recommendation from veterinarian to minimize the risks of choosing wrong foods for your pet.

Last but not least, you are encouraged to pay more attention to and take care of your lovely cat well so your pet does not get sick fast.

How to Make Puppy Free from Stress?

Te are many puppy owners who throw away and neglect their pet on street so puppy stresses out and even died in a few days. This is very heartbreaking but there are many people who don’t take care about this. Anyway, if you find a puppy which is neglected on street, what do you do? If you want to take or adopt it, you should make it happy and free from stress. This is important to do because stressed puppy will not want to be fed and get sick fast. Do you know what to do? If you don’t, never give up and do the following tips:


Take care of it as well as possible

How? Do many things together or invite it to do some activities together. For example, when having breakfast, invite puppy to eat or when reading book on chair, you can put it on your thighs and then caress it smoothly. Before going to bed, you may invite it to talk and then caress it again. This might sound weird but your puppy will get in the mood and its health back if you continue interacting and communicating with it. This cannot be done fast and forcibly because the result is not instant. This means that you need a long time to make your pup free from stress.

What if your puppy often looks moody and tired? Check its food and make sure that the food is not expired. If there is something wrong, you should bring it to animal care center and ask veterinarian to treat and look after your lovely pet. Also ask veterinarian to tell you what you should do to make your pet’s body health back.

Take private lessons for puppies

You need to know that your pup will stress out more if you often leave it at home or you don’t let it interact and play outside. The worst part is your pet might be going to be crazy and like barking and biting. To deal with this problem, you should consider taking private lessons for puppies. At puppy class, your puppy will be invited to interact and play with puppy trainers. It will also be taught to bark, sit, roll, take a poop at toilet, and so on so it will not feel lonely anymore.

Are you keen on taking this program? If you are, you should be careful because not all providers of this program are professional and reliable. They can neglect and torture your pup. Then, they ask you to pay expensive cost. This sounds crazy but you will deal with this problem if you are not careful of choosing provider. If now you live in Singapore and want to find the right training for puppies, you are highly recommended to trust Puppy Colours.

Puppy Colours is a professional puppy training provider which has many professional and skilled staffs. They will take care of and teach puppy as well as possible without doing coercion and torture. Your puppy will be smart and happy after following all classes and you will get comfort and proud of your pet.

Tips on Buying a Pet Cat

Do you know why some psychologists suggest people to have pet? Yup, having pet is the right way to release stress. Pet owners usually feel entertained and happy when playing with their pet. When getting happiness, they will release stress easily. Anyway, do you have a pet? If you don’t and plan to buy it, what is pet type that you want? If your answer is cat, it is a good choice because this animal is cute and funny. Anyway, if you need help to buy a pet cat, follow the tips below:

membeli kucing

Prepare enough budgets

How much money do you spend to buy a pet cat? The answer is depending on type, age and breed. Besides, price is determined by whether cat is vaccinated or not. For example, for a 3 months old pure angora breed which is not vaccinated, it is sold from 350 dollars to 450 dollars or more and for a 3 months old pure angora breed which is vaccinated, you can get it from 550 dollars to 650 dollars or more. Remember that you prepare money for buying not only cat, but also cage, foods, and milk. Based on some reliable researches, you will spend about 835 dollars to keep a cat for a year.

Thus, prepare enough budgets so you can buy cat that you want and take care of it maximally.

Check physical condition of cat

Don’t be tempted with cheaper price before checking physical condition of cat. You will regret if you buy a disability cat or sick cat. For this, do this first before making a deal. If you still doubt, ask for help from your family members or friends who know much about cat. If you find something wrong to physical of cat, you should not buy it. Anyway, what are body parts of cat to check? You must check all body parts in detail and make sure that cat is not disability and sick. In addition, ask cat seller to release stress from cage and then carry cat and look its behavior.

kucing mata ijo

Know how to take care of cat well

Undoubtedly, some cat types need different treatments and have different behavior. If you don’t know about those, of course you will get difficulty in taking care of cat at last. For this, before buying a cat that you want, you should know how to take care of cat well. For instance, if you like Persia’s cat, you have to comb its hair regularly and maintain its hair from tick or if you want to keep a Maine Coon’s cat, you have to feed this pet with big food portion every day. Surely, you have to check its health condition at animal clinic regularly and inject recommended vaccine to make your cat can maintain its body health. Furthermore, you are not suggested to change its food as you like. Why? This will make cat stress out and avoid eating. If this happens, its body weight will decrease fast and there is a big possibility for it to be dead at last.

Considerations in Choosing a Pet Dog

memelihara anjing

The dog is one of many animals in this world that made a pet. The dog made the choice as a pet because it can be a friend to man. Not a few also makes people decide to keep dogs at home. This is because dogs can be used as animals to guard the house. However, there are many things you need to consider in choosing a pet dog. What should be considered? Come, see the following article:

Big dog

The first time that you need to consider in choosing a dog is a great dog to maintain itself. Dogs that have a large body, it will keep you interested because it looks handsome, but think by you if you can guarantee a home location. Dogs require extensive location to play. If you decide to get a dog to the size of a big house, there is no problem because the dogs need enough room to move. However, it would not hurt also if you want to keep a big dog, with the condition of a small house. There are still many ways that you can do, but it takes time and effort because you have to invite the dog to walk outside the house.

Breed of dog

Before you decide to choose a pet dog, you should consider the type of dog that will be selected. Not all dogs can be easily maintained because many dogs are vicious. Therefore, before you choose a breed of dog is best to know the usefulness of the dog itself. If you want a dog just for a friend to play, then you can choose the type of toy dog. This dog breed is used as a playmate can not be used as a guard dog. Examples can be used as a companion dog is, Pug, Poodle, and the Miniature pincher. As for you who want to choose a pet dog as a guard dog should select the type of guard dog. Guard dog breed of dog is very fierce so suitable if used dogs to keep the house. German Shepherd Dogs, Rottweilers, and Doberman is a dog to guard the house. These dogs must be trained properly, because if not trained properly can harm your own later.

Dog fur

Dogs have fur diverse there are smooth, rough, long, short and curly. Not a few people interested in the dog long feathers. If you’re one of them, then this is not a problem. You can choose the type of dog with long fur, but must be diligent. This is because long-haired dogs require extra attention, you have to have time to comb and clean. Choosing a breed of dog with long fur is very suitable for those who have the time. For those of you who do not have the time taking care of a dog, it’s best to consider choosing a breed of dog with long fur.


Well, this is also important for you to consider in choosing a dog, which is the issue of cost. Dog with a big body and also has long hair, of course, requires a huge cost to buy it. Also, to keep a dog, it takes an extra charge. Moreover, you must provide special meals, perform maintenance, and inspection. Therefore, if you want to choose a dog, it’s good to choose a dog that is still small because the price is cheaper.

When you want a dog should not rush to see the cute dog. However, many considerations that must be done by you so that the dog can be well maintained.